Top 6 Essential Foods For muscle Gain

top 6 essential foods for muscle gain
Gaining muscle is not difficult if you follow there foods which is listed below  but the real challenge is to making your body and mind to do it regularly without fail
 To start your bodybuilding work first fix your mind and concentrate on your goal
High protein goal are also called muscle builder or body building materials, it is essential  on daily diet plan to gain muscles, but also add other sources of energy like fats and carbs
Lets see about very essential foods that plays major role in gaining muscle
salmons for heart


 Salmon is very common food in diet chart of all body builders
Almond is rich in high protein and omega 3 fatty acids
Salmon reduces the risk factors of obesity , diabetes, and heart disease  and also it supports in maintaining cholesterol level omega 3 in salmon keeps heart healthy and reduces cardiovascular diseases 
salmon rich in selenium which regulates  and maintains thyroid functions and promotes men’s health
muscle gin lean beef

2.Lean beef

  Beef is mainly rich source of protein , usually animal protein are very high quality protein, the amino acids and proteins in beef helps to maintain healthy body
If you feel you are physically weak have the beef regularly , proteins in beef will  helps you to build your muscle faster, eating beef is beneficial to people like athletes, patients after surgery, and mainly bodybuilder
beand and legumes for heart


  Here, beans are from the plant kingdom, commonly named as legume. Which is easily affordable with many health benefits
Protein in beans promotes new cell growth and repairs the damaged tissue
Free radicals which cause  damage to cell are removed by the antioxidants which are presented in beans
According to many studies it keeps heart healthy and anti inflammatory agents reduces the risk of cancer

eggs for muscle gain


     Eggs are well known , easily available which anyone can get with its wholesome nutrient inside.
eggs are rich in protein but it also contains high cholesterol level which is higher than daily recommended intake,
but study shows it is not raising the cholesterol levels in blood and it is managed by your liver which produces less cholesterol and balance it in your body
Eggs raises LDL level from small to dense LDL level which can be mild risk for developing heart disease ,
but taking recommended intake and with regular exercise and other nutritious food reduces the risk of heart disease.


    Tuna is a sea fish  which is extremely nutritious contains essential vitamins and minerals, as mentioned above tuna is also rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which is used to reduce the level of LDL, risk of heart disease
It also prevent cancer cell development , eye problems like dry eye 
Tuna supports weight loss , it helps bodybuilders to maintain the ideal weight while gaining the muscle.

fruits and vegetaables for muscle gain

6.Fruits and Vegetables


When targeting to gain muscle, bodybuilders usually go for high protein diet  on non-veg side but having fresh fruits and and vegetables, also provides essential nutrients and it nourishes the body 
Fruits and vegetables contain essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, amino acids, iron, selenium etc.,
While planning to gain muscle maintaining the gut health is must, natural gut bacteria,  pre and probiotics  are involved in absorption mechanism
Adding fiber rich foods in your daily diet plan will help you to maintain gut health and improve your strength.

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